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Here are detailed numerous activities that take place within the Parish of Claverley.
New members are always welcome so if your interested in joining please made contact directly with the named individual.

Claverley Tennis Club

Claverley Tennis Club

Located in Church Street, Claverley, Nr Wolverhampton, WV5 7DS.

The club has two superb astro turf courts with Lawn Tennis Association recommended and approved floodlighting.

For information regarding membership fees please click the link below which will take you to the Claverley Tennis Club website.

Claverley & Tuck Hill Church

All Saints’ Church, Claverley

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We are a small but welcoming Church of England community in the heart of Claverley Village. Our church is over 1000 years old and boasts some of the finest medieval wall paintings in the country.

We are a united Benefice with Holy Innocents’ Church at Tuck Hill (Six Ashes)

Everyone is welcome to worship and pray with us. We also welcome anyone who wishes to be married or baptised in our wonderful churches and communities. We have many lively and fun events throughout the year and hope we will see you very soon.


Contact: The Revd. Garry Ward
Tel: 01746 710304
email: garry@penfold.email






Claverley Cricket Club

Information on Claverley Cricket Club for the Parish Council

Address: Sandford Park, Claverley, Shropshire WV5 7AE

Website: www.claverleyworcscc.play-cricket.com

Twitter: @ClaverleyCC

Contact Details:

  • Tom Grainger (Chairman) tgrainger@gwcast.com 07807 400676
  • Ali Walker (Treasurer) alastair.walker@sky.com 07772 114894


Claverley CC was established in 1932 and has enjoyed many successes in its 87-year history.

Situated in South-East Shropshire, near to the Staffordshire and Worcestershire border, Sandford Park is renowned as being one of the most picturesque grounds in the county.

The club has two teams in the Worcestershire County League, as well as participating in the Midweek KO Cup. We also play both midweek and Sunday invitational friendlies throughout the season.

We are always on the lookout for new members, on and off the field, so please get in touch if you’re interested or would like to know more.

Claverley Church Flower Guild

The Guild is connected to Claverley Parish Church and arranges flowers throughout the year; we arrange flowers for the Sanctuary every fortnight and for key events such Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Remembrance.  We also offer a flower arranging service for weddings held in the Church. We are probably most widely known for the annual Claverley Church Flower Festival, held to raise funds for the Church. This spectacular event fills the church with over thirty elaborate arrangements, all following a theme, which changes each year. Previous fund raising events include workshops, coffee mornings, Christmas quizzes, and sheep racing.

New members of any age or ability are always welcome. Regular meetings are held in the local pub (where else) so come along to see what we are planning next.

Claverley Indoor Bowling Club

Claverley Indoor Bowling Club.

Claverley Indoor Bowling Club was formed in 1996 by the late Roland Croucher and his wife Joan who had been playing short mat bowls for many years prior to coming to live in the village.

It is largely due to Roland and Joan that the Club has gone from strength to strength and the membership currently stands at 48.

1st bowling club pic

To accommodate the increase in members there are now three sessions which are held every

Wednesday in Claverley Village Hall.
Afternoon Session  2,30pm to 4,30pm

Mid. Session 5.00 pm to 7,00pm

Evening Session 8,00pm to 10,00pm

The season normally runs from October until April with a break for the Christmas celebrations.

In addition, friendly games are arranged with clubs from neighbouring villages, both home and away.

E.g., Alveley, Chelmarsh, Ditton Priors, Pattingham and Worfield.
New members are most welcome with bowls and tuition available if needed.

For further information- telephone Garry Ward 01746 710304 or John Parker 01746 710592

 2nd bowling club pic

Understanding Short Mat Bowls.

The Players

A game of short mat bowls is contested as either a singles game with 2 players, a doubles match with 2 players on each side, or as a team game with either 3 or 4 players per team, with each player playing with 2 bowls. At Claverley we normally play with 4 players in each team.

The Playing Area.

A game takes place on a long narrow mat called a short mat, which measures 45 feet long and 6 feet wide. A small ball called a jack is placed at one end of the mat, a block of wood is positioned in the centre of the mat across the middle and a delivery mat is placed at the opposite end to the jack.

All of these must be positioned either on or within specific boundaries which are marked out on the mat by a number of white lines.
With one foot on the delivery mat, each opposing player or team will take it in turns to send a bowl and attempt to get as close to the jack as possible. As the block of wood prevents them from playing directly down the centre of the mat, a certain amount of skill is required to avoid hitting it.

Players on opposing sides play their shots alternately until all the bowls have been played by all players. The entire process is called an ‘end’

Playing the game.

In games involving more than one person on each side, an order of play is decided for each player on a team. This means that you have a ‘lead player’ (No 1) for each team who bowls first and a ‘skip’ who bowls last. If there are 3 or 4 players in each team the additional players are referred to as ‘No 2’s’ and ‘No 3’s. A ‘No 2’ cannot bowl until the No 1 players from both sides have delivered all their bowls; and this rule follows for the ‘No 3’s’, and ‘skips’.


Following the completion of an end, the bowl or bowls adjudged to be the nearest the jack are scored for their respective team.
As an example, if Team A has a bowl which is nearest the jack, but the second nearest bowl belongs to Team B, one point is scored for that end by Team A. However, should Team A have the second, third, fourth etc. placed bowls for that end, then they score an additional point for each bowl.

When the score for that end has been agreed, the jack and delivery mat swap places at each end of the mat and the next end begins; the No 1 from the team that just scored, bowling first.
Once all pre-determined ends have been played, the team with the highest score is declared winner.
That’s about it as far as the basics are concerned but there’s a whole bunch of other rules such as foot faults, measuring, dead bowls etc, but for now this should give newcomers enough of an understanding to get started. It won’t be long before you are into your stride and bowling well.

Claverley Football Club

Claverley football club is an adult football club playing its games in the regional Mercian Saturday football league 

Please see division 2 fixtures to see when we are playing at home next- all support is great