About Claverley Parish Council

Claverley Parish Council

Claverley Parish Council is the first tier of local government and is committed to working on behalf of all the residents of the parish to improve the well-being of the community.  The Parish Council represents the local community and works with Shropshire Council and relevant agencies to improve services.

Claverley Parish Council is made up of 13 elected or co-opted members and meets on the 2nd Monday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall, Church Street, Claverley.  A public session is held at 7.15 p.m., prior to the formal meeting, to enable members of the public to put forward their views/representations in person to the Council.

The aim of the Parish Council is to represent the local community and to provide value for money services.  Councillors make decisions on where money should be spent, what services should be delivered and what changes should be implemented.  As an elected body, the Parish Council is accountable to the people it represents.

Claverley Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Street lighting in the parish
  • Christmas lighting display
  • QEII Jubilee Field – routine maintenance
  • Maintenance of the Aston Lane bank

It submits comments to Shropshire Council on planning applications and responds to consultation documents.

At the annual Council Meeting in May, representatives are appointed with special responsibility for rights of way, emergency planning/flood monitor, QEII Jubilee Field, Tree Warden and the Local Joint Committee.  The Parish Council also has a representative on the Village Hall Committee.

If you would like to notify any of us about issues or concerns please Have your say here